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There is just so many to choose from - lace, rope, chains, leather - you are the one who is going to decide how to wear and what to wear it with.

Lace can add a really delicate a feminine touch to your style, create a fashion statement with a wrapped around necklace. 

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And there's a good reason the choker trend has gotten so hot.

  • They're sexy.
  • If done correctly it can be an elegant statement piece.
  • Chokers look good on everybody.
  • You can't go wrong with this fashion statement.

1. Lace Choker Necklace

Delicate and feminine, did I say sexy? or fashion?, Yes, it is sexy and Fashion too. Be the center of attention.

Lace choker necklace | Nenabella

Lace Choker Necklace - Click to See Price

2. Leather Wrap-Around Choker Necklace

Super cute but yet sexy and elegant at the same time. The best of both worlds, a drop pendant and a choker, Draws attention wherever you are.

Leather Round Choker necklace | Nenabella

Leather Wrap-around Choker Necklace - Click to See Prices

3. Rope Choker Necklace

Simple and versatile, wear it with confidence, be yourself.

Rope Choker necklace | Nenabella

Rope Choker Necklace - Click to See Prices

4. Rhinestone Choker Necklace

It screams elegant all over it. Don't be afraid to wear this eye-catching piece at an special fashion event or a dressed up party, it combines a choker and a pendant.

Rhinestone Choker Necklace | Nenabella

Rhinestone Choker Necklace - Click to See Prices

5. Heart-Beat Choker Necklace

Declare your love for that special person with this beautiful Heart-Beat shape choker that comes with a heart for the true meaning of love.

heart beat choker necklace | Nenabella

Heart-beat Choker Necklace - Click to See Prices

6. Flowers Choker Necklace

Do you want to be cute and sexy at the same time?, this is the way to go, 

Flower Choker necklace | Nenabella

Flowers Choker Necklace - Click to See Prices

7. Black Lace and Pendants Choker Necklace

Create a fashion statement, be the center of attention at that special event, this choker necklace is sexy, trendy, cute and also elegant.

Lace and pendants choker necklace | Nenabella

Lace and Pendants Choker Necklace - Click to See Prices

8. Friendship Statement Anchor Pendant Necklace

Declare your friendship with this cute anchor choker necklace.

Friendship statement choker necklace

Friendship Statement Anchor Pendant Choker Necklace - Click to See Prices


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3 Layers Link Chain Choker Necklace

3 layers link chain choker necklace | Nenabella

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